Empires in Arms

Empires in Arms, abbreviated EiA, is a strategy board game covering the European conflicts during the Napoleonic period, the main campaign set in the period 1805-1815.

This page contains several resources as well as descriptions of the campaigns we played, with an effort made to make them entertaining to read also for a non participant.

Ongoing and past games:


The rules, the FAQ, and the UMP rules found in the campaign section of the rules.



Gatherered on different Empires in Arms sites on the net. Unfortunately many sites found are non maintained or even now non existant. The numbered variant below is used by software developed for creating maps showing corps positions and use no special scheme for the order the areas are numbered in.

Forms and sheets for help during a session

Different forms more or less helpful during a session. The Excel-sheet is included for those who want it, but it is no longer maintained as I have moved to OpenOffice instead of MS Office. The forms are intended for printing out to be used during the Empires in Arms gaming sessions, so the PDF or Postscript versions should be sufficient for people not able to make use of OpenOffice documents.
WhatDownload in format:
Land combat tables OpenOffice postscript pdf
Major powers Economy sheet OpenOffice - -
France OpenOffice Postscript Pdf
Russia OpenOffice Postscript Pdf
Great Britain OpenOffice Postscript Pdf
Austria OpenOffice Postscript Pdf
Prussia OpenOffice Postscript Pdf
Turkey OpenOffice Postscript Pdf
Spain OpenOffice Postscript Pdf
Major powers military forces OpenOffice - -
France - Postscript Pdf
Russia - Postscript Pdf
Great Britain - Postscript Pdf
Austria - Postscript Pdf
Prussia - Postscript Pdf
Turkey - Postscript Pdf
Spain - Postscript Pdf
Minor free states Economy sheet OpenOffice postscript Pdf
Confederation of the Rhine Economy sheet OpenOffice postscript Pdf
Reinforcement sheet OpenOffice postscript Pdf
Minor freestates forces OpenOffice postscript Pdf
Forms for writing unit positions(in swedish)
Economy papers in Excel format (not maintained)

Order of Battle

The corps sheets from the game.

Battle simulator

In the EiA Battle simulatior you can construct your force and try out your tactical alternatives. There is not much help available, but people playing EiA should be able to find their way around.


Some general or specific EiA stuff not fitting in any of the above categories.


Web rings

The Bomis EiA webring